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Freerando: why such an infatuation?

Freerando: why such an infatuation? freerando 263609 - Freerando: why such an infatuation?

Par CLARA QUAY-THEVENON (AGENCE HUBWISER) Published on https://www.skiinfo.fr What are the reasons for the success of freerando? What exactly does this new practice consist of and how to get started? With the evolution of the equipment, skis have become wider and easier to ride. Freeriding has become more democratic, as it requires less technique than […]

Health Information for Caribbean

Health Information for Caribbean news 01 - Health Information for Caribbean

The Caribbean consists of a vast archipelago of islands divided into two distinct regions: the Greater Antilles and the Lesser Antilles. The warm and tropical climate is characterized by a dry season and a rainy season, during which traveling is not advised. Whatever the destination, no drastic health precautions need to be taken, but stay alert at all times.

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